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The Loyalty Card For Your Phone.

Put the power of TruCash, in the palm of your hand.

Put the power of TruCash®


Available as a fully-branded solution truTap V2.0™ helps manage your TruCash account on the go, quickly and easily. The award-winning mobile app that enables you to verify your account balance conveniently and securely and view detailed transaction information at a glance anywhere, any time.


 Available for both Android and IOS phones.

Manage Points and Balances

Manage Your Account 24/7

Manage your account, in the palm of your hands with truTap™ V2.0. Check your available balance quickly and easily from anywhere, in real-time. View your transaction history at a glance in seconds. No more guessing about your balance, with truTap v2.0 account management is just a tap away.

Unlike most mobile apps, truTap V2.0® is not carrier dependent and works on most Android and IOS phones. The truTap mobile app is designed for use with TruCash incentive programs.

Canadian and US Versions Available

Multi-Currency Support

truTap™ v2.0 has been upgraded! Version 2.0 comes with complete multi-currency support, available in both USD and CAD versions to better suit your needs.

Please note: truTap USD is available for customers with accounts in USD Funds, while truTap CAD is available for customers with accounts in CAD funds. 

Keep Your Account Secure

Advanced Security

Protecting your data is our number one priority. With truTap, you can use passwords and our unique ‘suspend’ function to protect your personal information.

When you add your account to truTap, you are backed by bank-grade encryption.