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Loyalty. Redefined.

Deliver on-going rewards that motivate your customers, distributors, and sales agents to frequently interact with your company. Offering meaningful rewards creates another point of differentiation from your competition and opens another channel to create strong relationships with your customers and your business partners. Choose one of our solutions for the ultimate in program flexibility.

Benefits for
Your Businesses

  • Build customer and brand loyalty
  • Get insight on customer behaviour
  • Easily distribute, track and manage your rewards program
  • Retain more customers
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Create brand advocates

Benefits for
Your Customers

  • Earn rewards for their loyalty
  • Feel valued by the business
  • Be first in line for special promotions
  • Manage their account online
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Rewards can be used anywhere


  • Increase brand recognition
  • Combine a loyalty points program with incentive, rebate or referral programs, all on one platform
  • Real-time Points-to-Cash Loyalty Engine*
  • Various program options available
  • Marketing and member support services 

Choose from a variety of

Innovative Loyalty Options

Points-To-Cash Loyalty

Our unique loyalty platform delivers on-going loyalty rewards that earn points – points that “convert to cash” – allowing users more flexibility to purchase exactly what they want.

Open-Loop Programs

Open-loop loyalty allows members to earn and redeem at many different locations from one centralized digital wallet. Offer the ultimate in flexibility with open-loop loyalty.

Closed-Loop Programs

Closed-loop loyalty enables consumers to earn and redeem rewards with a specific brand, company or group of companies. Redemption is typically tied to the merchant issuing the rewards.

Loyalty Built in

Online Reporting

24/7 Customer

Mobile Apps

Custom Branded

Data Driven

make your program

truly unique


Offer your clients and customers the only real-time, prepaid points-to-cash loyalty program in the world. Points are deposited on their card and can be converted to cash for spending wherever and however they like!


Require access to more funds than your card limit allows? Use our unique top-up and reserve functions to help overcome typical prepaid card maximums.


Our online platform allows your cards to be managed and loaded quickly and easily. Load a single card, or thousands of cards, at the click of a button.


Quick, convenient and secure, our customized mobile applications allow cardholders to access their card account on the go using an Android or IOS phone.

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