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Perfect for every

Reason, Season or lifestyle

Prepaid cards are an economical alternative to payroll and expense cheques, and are especially effective for paying temporary, seasonal, and underbanked employees. Branded employee incentive cards are also a great way to motivate your staff. They provide an effective way to increase efficiency and build employee loyalty.

Benefits for
your Business

  • Engages and motivates employees
  • Enhanced security and fraud protection through the Visa and Mastercard network
  • Cost reduction, in some cases greater than 90% annually versus cheques
  • Allows you to track and manage payouts
  • Saves times, money, and resources
  • Improves cash flow and cash control

Benefits for

  • Get instant access to funds
  • Manage their account online
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Access to online purchases
  • Shop, pay bills online or get cash at ATMs worldwide
  • No bank account required


  • The perfect incentive every time
  • Marketing and program management support
  • Improves partner relationships with a Distributor Incentive Program
  • Increases brand recognition with customized cards
  • Allows you to combine multiple program payments onto a single card
  • Standard or customized reporting options available
  • Overcomes card maximum restrictions with TruCash Reserve!

Reloadable Payments and Rewards

made simple


Gain full visibility of your payroll activities. Pay employees all over the world at the click of a button. One real-time transaction replaces costly and timely cheque distribution.


Stop exceeding travel, overhead, department and employee expenses and start having full control and awareness over your corporate spending.

Employee Incentives

Incentives are proven to motivate staff, engage participants and attract quality employees. Prepaid cards offer flexible rewards that are easy to distribute and easy to redeem.

Bonus & Commission

Simplify the employee compensation process by instantly transferring money onto a prepaid card, making the process more efficient and cost effective.

Channel Incentives

Develop a competitive edge by surrounding your business with motivated representatives, both inside and outside of your company.

On-The Spot Incentives

On-the-spot incentives are a great way to generate excitement, motivate staff and add a level of unexpected delight to the daily routine.

Branded or Generic
Cards Available

Mobile Apps

Variety of
Reload Options

Access Funds
Online, via ATM or POS

Reserve Option

Visa® or Mastercard®
Network Branded Cards

make your program

truly unique


Offer your clients and customers the only real-time, prepaid points-to-cash loyalty program in the world. Points are deposited on their card and can be converted to cash for spending wherever and however they like!


Require access to more funds than your card limit allows? Use our unique top-up and reserve functions to help overcome typical prepaid card maximums.


Our online platform allows your cards to be managed and loaded quickly and easily. Load a single card, or thousands of cards, at the click of a button.


Quick, convenient and secure, our customized mobile applications allow cardholders to access their card account on the go using an Android or IOS phone.