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TruCash Reload Network

DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash has partnered with MasterCard® rePower™ to create the TruCash Reload Network. This prepaid reload network allows any Prepaid MasterCard Cardholder to re-fill their card at any participating location. Instead of holders throwing out their Prepaid MasterCard once the card balance reaches $0, the reload network allows for cardholders to continuously re-fill their card.

TruCash Reload Network: Reloading Process

  1. Present your re-loadable prepaid MasterCard and cash at participating TruCash Reload Network retailers.
  2. Have your MasterCard swiped, instantly adding money to your card.
  3. Card is returned with amount loaded and receipt.
  4. Money is in your account and ready to spend.

Besides giving prepaid MasterCard holders re-loadable freedom, the TruCash Reload Network provides retailers with a unique opportunity to increase business. By becoming part of the network, vendors will not only receive more foot traffic from re-loadable prepaid MasterCard holders, but will receive a financial return every time a card is reloaded at your location.

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