TruCash Loyalty: The Most Flexible Real-Time Points-To-Cash Loyalty Program In The World

trucash loyalty

Available as a fully-branded solution the TruCash Loyalty platform allows companies to offer branded ‘currency’ for rewards, referrals, loyalty and more. With TruCash, points convert to the most flexible of all rewards: cash.

Develop a flexible system to motivate your distributors, customers, staff, and sales agents with rewards that are meaningful to them. Our unique loyalty platform “TruCash” delivers on-going loyalty rewards that earn points on your card–points that “convert to cash.”

Unlike most loyalty platforms, TruCash Loyalty® can be easily integrated into your shopping cart, referral program or any other type of incentive structure.

Check out our new TruCash loyalty page for more information, including how it works, how you can get started, and how you can talk with an expert.

Looking for a customized program? We can help.


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