TruCash Offers Greater Financial Freedom to the First Nations of Canada

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DCR Strategies is a proud supporter of First Nations and recognizes the need to help connect these communities with the modern financial services they require the most. Using cutting-edge technologies, our electronic payment cards streamline payment distribution and provide band members with convenient, affordable, and easy access to funds.


Our award-winning programs provide a cost-effective and simplified process for the disbursement of Canadian government-issued funds to native communities from various communities, without the need for traditional bank accounts. TruCash delivers state-of-the-art functionality, increased security, and convenience in order to offer greater financial freedom to the First Nations of Canada.


The TruCash Card provides a gateway in which members of the First Nations of Canada can access all the amenities of a debit card, as well as the added advantage of acting like a credit card, without the inherent risks associated with credit. Members now have the ability to “charge” purchases, and have a safer and more secure way to access their money whenever they need it, wherever they need it. Chiefs and Band Leaders can provide cards to their members and distribute funds electronically, reducing the amount of work required to handle finances, and empowering First Nations members to have a more active role in their finances.


The reloadable cards can be used for deposits, ATM withdrawals, point-of-sale purchases, bill payments, online shopping, and more, and the TruCash card is accepted anywhere the Mastercard® or Visa® logo is displayed. In addition, all TruCash cards feature a built-in loyalty component; cardholders can register with to earn points for their online purchases. TruCash points convert to cash and are deposited directly into the card account–the only real-time points-to-cash loyalty program in the world.


The TruCash card program offers the following advantages and solutions to First Nations citizens:



  • No credit application required
  • Guaranteed approval with verified cardholder information for any member aged 16 years and older
  • Cash account accessible at any ATM displaying the Mastercard/Visa symbol
  • Pay for purchases wherever Mastercard/Visa is accepted
  • Make purchases online or via phone; access to the e-commerce marketplace


The Advantages of a TruCash Card Account

  • Cardholders to view purchase history and balances in real-time via the e-Wallet anywhere, anytime
  • Transfer funds from your bank account to your card account
  • Band members are able to transfer funds from one family member to another
  • Pay bills online



  • Moving from cheques to electronic payments lowers band operating costs
  • Government studies have shown that cheques cost approximately 0.82 cents to issue versus 0.13 cents for an electronic payment


Speedy & Safe

  • Disbursement payments and expenses loaded into card account in an instant
  • Securely receive payments
  • Safer than cash
  • Possibility of cheque fraud is nonexistent


Easily Track Funds

  • Ability to track all payments and transactions thanks to a digital reporting system
  • Real-time reporting allows for greater transparency, which cuts down on fraud, improves customers service, allows for increased visibility, and increases the likelihood of program success

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