Multi-function TruCash Card Allows Members To Convert Points To Cash At Top Brands Around The World


TruCash, the loyalty program that rewards you every time you shop, is set to kick off 2018 in a big way with a host of new features and benefits, plus a brand new website.


Since 2002, TruCash has been helping members earn more, just by shopping at the brands they know and love. The multi-function TruCash card allows members to earn points at hundreds of top name brand merchants using a wide coalition of national, regional, and local retailers across North America and Europe. Members simply shop at their favourite brands to earn points that convert to cash, directly on their card. Along with value-added points, the TruCash program also offers various specials for top online brands around the world.


Once earned, points can be converted to cash directly in the member’s card account, allowing them to spend their rewards on what suits their lifestyle. TruCash offers several new ways for members to earn and spend their online rewards, from monthly points offers to flexible redemption opportunities–just for shopping online.


“What makes the TruCash program stand out from other coalition loyalty cards is its easy-to-redeem feature that allows members to convert their earned points to cash online and then–using the same card–spend cash at any merchant that accepts Visa or Mastercard-branded cards worldwide,” Diana Fletcher, President of DCR Strategies Inc. said.


TruCash provides you with exciting rewards that are simple and easy to use:

  • Save time and simplify: Shop online at hundreds of top name brand merchants and earn rewards from a single site.
  • Reward yourself: Earn rewards just by shopping and receive discounts on the brands you already know and love
  • Members can pay using their multifunction TruCash card or with a credit card and still earn points for their loyalty
  • Receive preferred specials and exclusive offers
  • Flexible redemption options with Points to Cash
  • Access your account and points balance electronically
  • Sign up for electronic partner and information updates
  • Receive meaningful recognition for loyal patronage


The TruCash loyalty program is also an excellent added-value tool for businesses looking to increase and improve upon their own loyalty, incentive, and reward programs. It allows businesses to combine a variety of programs into one single platform, boost customer relationships, and increase brand recognition with customization.


TruCash offers the following benefits for businesses:

  • Develops brand loyalty amongst customers
  • Tracks redemption and user engagement
  • Offers insight on customer behaviour
  • Creates a platform to cross-sell and up-sell
  • Provides differentiation from competitors
  • Increases sales and customer satisfaction
  • Tracks and manages multiple concurrent promotions with ease


Whether a business is launching a new product, promoting a contest, or having event giveaways, the TruCash program provides an effective way to bring the next promotional idea to life.



About TruCash

TruCash is a market leader in electronic payment, incentives, gifting, and loyalty. TruCash provides payment solutions for gift cards, debit cards, payroll, incentives, and consumer loyalty. Our unique online platform offers flexible value-added, customer centric functionality with more security, accountability, and manageability features than any other loyalty program in the world.

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