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employment agencies

Employment Agencies Need To Get Rid Of Cheques And Choose Prepaid

Does your employment agency find it challenging to simultaneously coordinate payments for full-time, temporary, and underbanked workers? We know, and we’re here to help.   While cheques have been the go-to form of payment for workers for years, many companies,…

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payroll prepaid cards

Direct Deposit vs. Payroll Prepaid Cards: What’s the Difference?

Providing an efficient and reliable payment method to employees is an important part of every business. The relationship between your employees and your business is connected by the exchange of their work for your monetary compensation. Therefore, employees want the…

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prepaid card growth

Prepaid Card Growth is Imminent for Households and Businesses

Many people have the misconception that prepaid cards are only used by low income households—a lot of them certainly do— but statistics reveal that there is growth in prepaid card usage across all socioeconomic groups. The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance…

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