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trophy value

What Is Trophy Value, And Why Is It Important For Your Rewards Program?

In the incentives and rewards industry, the best rewards make use of “trophy value,” offering recipients recognition and a long-lasting feeling of appreciation for their loyalty. Much like winning an actual trophy, such as in a sporting event, a trophy…

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travel incentive

5 Successful Travel Incentive Programs

If your travel company is looking to deliver creative incentive and reward solutions, implement a unique loyalty program, or offer an efficient expense system, look no further.   The TruCash Tour and Travel Card program replaces or enhances traditional payment…

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direct sales

Engagement And Incentives: How Prepaid Can Help Your Direct Sales Organization

How can you attract, retain, and drive sales representatives? A key element to success in the Direct Selling industry is gaining motivated product representatives. So what can your organization do?   As we previously covered, Choosing The Right Employee Incentive…

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