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Closed-Loop Prepaid Usage Continue To Increase, According To New Research

The closed-loop prepaid market continues to experience growth, with a 2 percent compound annual growth rate forecasted through 2022, according to new research from Mercator Advisory Group.   The report, titled “16th Annual U.S. Closed-Loop Prepaid Cards Market Forecasts, 2018–2022,”…

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prepaid cardholder

17 Reasons Why You Need To Be A Prepaid Cardholder

The Canadian open-loop prepaid market has grown 27 percent over the last three years, according to the Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization’s (CPPO) most recent annual study.  The reason? Prepaid cards make dealing with your finances a breeze. There are a…

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goodbye cheques

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To The Paper Cheque

The paper cheque was so… 1762? Really? Yep, that’s when the first printed versions were introduced in 1762 by British banker Lawrence Childs. Isn’t it about time you stopped living in the past?   Somehow, despite the numerous disadvantages it…

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