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Millennial loyalty

Creating A Millennial Loyalty Program That Works Pt. 1

The term “millennial” is used to describe people born between the early 1980s, mid-1990s, and early 2000s. When it comes to loyalty programs and demographics, the conversation eventually always turns to focus on this demographic group, and for good reason:…

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mark mckoy

Celebrate The Small Wins!

People know me for athletics and training. However, I’ve recently cut back dramatically on training to focus on a new career in the corporate incentives market. Why, you ask? My passion and purpose is not just to be the best…

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The Science of Motivation

When people ask why I’ve ventured into the corporate incentives market after building a successful life in sports, wellness, and public speaking, there is one word that comes to mind: “Motivation.” Motivation is an integral part of external and internal…

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travel incentives

The Future of Travel Incentives

Travel, tourism, and hospitality companies will often issue incentives for participating in promotions, customer rewards, VIP “status rewards,” flight discount codes, etc. While these are great ways to instil loyalty, the next question then becomes, “How do these travel companies…

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