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travel incentives

The Future of Travel Incentives

Travel, tourism, and hospitality companies will often issue incentives for participating in promotions, customer rewards, VIP “status rewards,” flight discount codes, etc. While these are great ways to instil loyalty, the next question then becomes, “How do these travel companies…

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direct sales

Engagement And Incentives: How Prepaid Can Help Your Direct Sales Organization

How can you attract, retain, and drive sales representatives? A key element to success in the Direct Selling industry is gaining motivated product representatives. So what can your organization do?   As we previously covered, Choosing The Right Employee Incentive…

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Is Your Company Giving Back? Why Donating To Charity Leads To Happier Employees

Companies that support charities have happier and more engaged employees, according to recent studies.   71 percent of employees who work at companies that organize charitable events believe “the purpose of their organization motivates them to do their best work.”…

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loyalty marketing

6 Reasons Why Loyalty Marketing Is Important

Ok, so now that you’ve decided it’s time to update your loyalty program, it’s time to look at the benefits and competitive advantages it can offer:   Retain Old Customers: Keeping your current customers is a big deal. On average,…

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