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Employee Engagement

mark mckoy

The Right Partner Makes All The Difference Part II

In my last post, “The Right Partner Can Make All The Difference!,” I talked about how surrounding yourself with the best-possible people puts you in the best-possible situation to succeed. This holds true for sports, business, and life in general. For success in the business world, I suggested that a great way to bring in the most-talented employees is by providing a  corporate incentives.

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direct sales

Engagement And Incentives: How Prepaid Can Help Your Direct Sales Organization

How can you attract, retain, and drive sales representatives? A key element to success in the Direct Selling industry is gaining motivated product representatives. So what can your organization do?   As we previously covered, Choosing The Right Employee Incentive…

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Is Your Company Giving Back? Why Donating To Charity Leads To Happier Employees

Companies that support charities have happier and more engaged employees, according to recent studies.   71 percent of employees who work at companies that organize charitable events believe “the purpose of their organization motivates them to do their best work.”…

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