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Employee Compensation

employee gifts

Change Up Your Employee Gifts This Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect time to recognize those people who matter the most to you–family, friends, loved ones. For your business, your number one asset is your employees. How do you show them that you care? How do you make them feel valued?   During the holidays, companies…

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gig economy

Improving Payments & Disbursements in the Gig Economy

The “Gig Economy” is an environment/economy where temporary, flexible jobs are common and where companies and organizations hire independent contractors and freelance workers for short-term engagement instead of full-time employment. There are many benefits to the freelance/gig lifestyle, such as flexible hours, working remotely, autonomy, the ability to take on…

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employment agencies

Employment Agencies Need To Get Rid Of Cheques And Choose Prepaid

Does your employment agency find it challenging to simultaneously coordinate payments for full-time, temporary, and underbanked workers? We know, and we’re here to help.   While cheques have been the go-to form of payment for workers for years, many companies, business owners, and employees are aware that there are better,…

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employee rewards

Employee Rewards: Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic

The principal purpose of a workplace reward is to increase an employee’s happiness and loyalty to your company, resulting in enhanced productivity, reduced turnover, and raised brand perception. When most people think of workplace rewards, they often only think of a raise or a holiday bonus, however this is only…

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spiff incentive

What Is A Spiff Incentive And Why Should My Business Use It?

Providing the right kind of sales incentive or reward can mean the difference between motivated sales reps/agents and a group that is just going through the motions. Many people ask what the right sales incentive is, but we already know the answer: it’s been proven through research that people prefer…

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employee incentive

Choosing the Right Employee Incentive Is Important

“Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson   Incentives help companies recruit new talent and retain current talent. 90% of business leaders believe that an engagement strategy could positively impact their business, yet only 25%…

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Top 4 DCR Strategies Programs Every Business Can Use To Drive Measurable Results

DCR Strategies is a leader in the payments industry for a reason — we can and will deliver creative customized solutions to meet the needs of your business. Whether you are looking for increased sales, more efficient services, or better client or employee retention, our award-winning solutions and unique loyalty…

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