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employee appreciation

mark mckoy

The Right Partner Makes All The Difference Part II

In my last post, “The Right Partner Can Make All The Difference!,” I talked about how surrounding yourself with the best-possible people puts you in the best-possible situation to succeed. This holds true for sports, business, and life in general. For success in the business world, I suggested that a great way to bring in the most-talented employees is by providing a  corporate incentives.

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5 Ways To Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” ~ Richard Branson   With the possible exception of sleeping, most employees will spend more time working than on any other activity–isn’t it…

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DCR’s Favourite Payment Industry Posts of November 2017

Here are some of our favourite payment industry posts for November 2017. Holiday Shopping Attitudes: What Your Business Needs To Know Knowing what your consumers want–and what they don’t want–is a key ingredient to success during the holiday season. We’ve…

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12 Ideas For Employee Appreciation

Happy U.S. Thanksgiving! This year, express your gratitude by… showing gratitude! There are many different ways you can let your employees know that you appreciate them: a special letter, a reward incentive, or even a kind word. Gratitude doesn’t require…

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