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Customer Loyalty

mark mckoy

Celebrate The Small Wins!

People know me for athletics and training. However, I’ve recently cut back dramatically on training to focus on a new career in the corporate incentives market. Why, you ask? My passion and purpose is not just to be the best I could be in athletics but to motivate and inspire…

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The Science of Motivation

When people ask why I’ve ventured into the corporate incentives market after building a successful life in sports, wellness, and public speaking, there is one word that comes to mind: “Motivation.” Motivation is an integral part of external and internal success. So is having the proper mindset. Sports is an…

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clinical trials

Survey Says… Prepaid Is The Go-To Reward For Clinical Trials & Focus Groups

Market research and focus groups are proven to be effective ways to collect important customer feedback, and can be an integral part of a product’s success or failure. Customer feedback–especially direct, straight-from-their-own-mouth–tells companies what it is that they want, and allows businesses to improve their products, services, strategies, and decisions….

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Prepaid Drives Automakers & Car Dealerships To The Winner’s Circle

Is your automotive company looking to increase customer engagement, raise retention, and drive new and existing customers to make vehicle and parts purchases? It was a rhetorical question; of course you are! And DCR Strategies can help.   Prepaid is the perfect incentive for the automotive industry, because it covers…

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reward customers

10 Ways To Reward Customers And Offer Personalized Experiences

In order for a company or brand to deliver unique, individualized, and personalized offerings to their consumers, they need to be able to see an entire 360-degree view of who their customers are. They can gain these insights and identifiable information from their customers in exchange for offering rewards, perks,…

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customer experiences

How Personalizing Customer Experiences Can Increase Loyalty

Is your company looking to increase customer loyalty and drive engagement? Then you need to deliver personalized experiences.   According to a recent report by Salesforce, 70 percent of consumers said “a company’s understanding of their individual needs influences their loyalty.” 69 percent felt the same about personalized customer care….

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trophy value

What Is Trophy Value And Why Is It Important For Your Rewards Program?

In the incentives and rewards industry, the best rewards make use of “trophy value,” offering recipients recognition and a long-lasting feeling of appreciation for their loyalty. Much like winning an actual trophy, such as in a sporting event, a trophy value reward serves as a cherished memory that continues well…

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