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How Personalizing Customer Experiences Can Increase Loyalty

Is your company looking to increase customer loyalty and drive engagement? Then you need to deliver personalized experiences.   According to a recent report by Salesforce, 70 percent of consumers said “a company’s understanding of their individual needs influences their…

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loyalty program

Is It Time To Update Your Loyalty Program?

These days, it seems like every company has a loyalty program. However, not all loyalty programs are created equal. In the always-evolving marketplace, it’s important for your business to keep its loyalty program fresh and relevant, otherwise you risk losing…

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Take Your Timeshare Program To The Next Level With TruCash

The TruCash rewards card program is a game-changer for timeshares and holiday networks as it can be used to offer monetary rewards to tour attendees, timeshare guests, owners, or timeshare staff, all via our proprietary real-time card-loading system. The TruCash…

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loyalty performance

21 Different Ways To Overcome Poor Loyalty Performance

You have launched a customer loyalty program, but it is underperforming your expectations. What can you do about it? Where do you go from here? Simply put, the reason that many customer loyalty programs fail is because of poor implementation….

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