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travel incentives

The Future of Travel Incentives

Travel, tourism, and hospitality companies will often issue incentives for participating in promotions, customer rewards, VIP “status rewards,” flight discount codes, etc. While these are great ways to instil loyalty, the next question then becomes, “How do these travel companies…

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loyalty marketing

6 Reasons Why Loyalty Marketing Is Important

Ok, so now that you’ve decided it’s time to update your loyalty program, it’s time to look at the benefits and competitive advantages it can offer:   Retain Old Customers: Keeping your current customers is a big deal. On average,…

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13 Retail Loyalty Statistics You Need To Know

Knowing how consumers think is an important step towards giving them what they want. In the retail business, consumer loyalty can make or break your company. Check out 13 infographic stats on 2017 retail loyalty.   68% of consumers expect…

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Electronic Payments Are The Right Call For Telecommunications Companies

Prepaid cards are fast becoming the preferred choice for consumer incentive initiatives across a broad range of industries including automotive, market research/clinical trials, government, and telecommunications. The telecom industry is highly competitive, and most customer offerings are boring, repetitive, and…

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