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Cheques may be costing your business, more than you think. It’s Time To #KillTheCheque

With an annual decline in cheque use of 7 percent across the nation, Payments Canada predicts that, by 2020, virtually every business and government office in Canada will have switched from cheques to electronic payments, including prepaid. Companies can eliminate…

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#KillTheCheque: Cheques Are Dying, And Prepaid Is Thriving

Say goodbye to the cheque, because their days as a widely used method of payment are numbered. Thanks to ever-improving technology, electronic payments can be made easier, faster, and more securely than their antiquated paper counterparts. This has resulted in…

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It’s Time To Say Goodbye To The Paper Cheque

The paper cheque was so… 1762? Really? Yep, that’s when the first printed versions were introduced in 1762 by British banker Lawrence Childs. Isn’t it about time you stopped living in the past?   Somehow, despite the numerous disadvantages it…

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