Uniquely Innovative Loyalty

DCR Strategies’ unique loyalty program “TruCash” delivers on-going loyalty rewards that earn points or cash on your prepaid payment card. Highly flexible and easy to administer – our loyalty programs can be customized to motivate distributors, customers, staff and sales agents with rewards that are meaningful to them.

Digital Punch Cards For the Future

Deliver timely and relevant incentives at any stage during the sales cycle – the best part is your customers can redeem their rewards using the co-branded payment card emblazoned with your brand and logo.

1. Help make customers more valuable
2. Help create relationships with your customer
3. Help serve customers better


Card Based Incentives

Launch one-time or recurring promotions with the help of TruCa$h® Prepaid Incentive Cards. Incentives are a great way to influence and motivate positive behaviors that are profitable for
your business; whether you’re launching a new product, having event giveaways, promoting a contest or offering corporate gifts and awards. TruCa$h® Prepaid Incentive Cards are an effective
way to increase customer loyalty and manage incentive programs.

Virtual Incentives

Virtual Prepaid Card Programs are great when you are looking to implement a quick-to-market incentive program for your customers. Virtual cards work exactly the same as normal incentives without the physical card. Instead of disbursing the cards, all you have to do is disburse the card numbers. This means there is a quick launch window as there is no need to print cards.

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TruCash Reload Network

Drive more foot traffic into your store, while appealing to a whole new consumer market. The TruCash reload network allows any Prepaid MasterCard to be reloaded at any participating location. Cardholders now have the flexibility and convenience to retain and reload their existing prepaid card regardless of the balance.