Recap of Launches, Programs & ideas: DCR Strategies’ Vision for 2018

vision for 2018

2017 was a benchmark year for us at DCR Strategies | TruCash as we continued to be an industry leader in loyalty, incentives, and electronic payments. 2018 is going to be even better.  More than just a finance company, we are changing lives with our ability to improve the way people travel, shop online, give gifts, donate to charities, pay their employees, and much more. Check out our list below to see our product launches, awards, and ethos for last year, as well as our vision and ideas are for 2018 and beyond.


Award-Winning Programs:

In 2017, we were selected as a winner in two categories at the 2017 Paybefore Awards. Paybefore judges selected the CFMWS (Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services) Card Program as the 2017 winner in the Best Benefits Delivery category, and The Friends and Family Rewards Program as the winner in the Best Incentive Program category.


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Available as a fully-branded solution, the TruCash Loyalty platform allows companies to offer branded programs for rewards, referrals, loyalty and more. With TruCash, points convert to the most flexible of all rewards: cash. Develop a flexible system to motivate your distributors, customers, staff, and sales agents with rewards that are meaningful to them. Our unique loyalty platform delivers on-going loyalty rewards that earn points on your payment card – points that “convert to cash.” Unlike most loyalty platforms, TruCash Loyalty® can be easily integrated into your shopping cart, referral program or any other type of incentive structure.


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Charitable Organizations:

DCR Strategies Inc. developed a program designed to take charitable organizations into the modern age of finance. The new payment cards alleviate the need to produce cheques and vouchers, while providing a simple and cost-effective way to administer expense programs across a wide number of recipients, for multiple internal programs. Turnaround time is substantially reduced, and the easy-to-use interface, dedicated customer service, and reduced administration optimize internal programs across the organization.


DCR Strategies also collaborated on “Operation Christmas Child,” a project of Samaritan’s Purse, to gift shoeboxes filled with fun toys, hygiene items, and school supplies to children in need around the world.


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Employee Engagement:

For most businesses, a loyal customer base is essential to success. Loyal customers empower businesses to thrive and deliver better programs, products, and solutions for further success. Obviously, without customers, businesses wouldn’t exist. However, without the effort of loyal and dedicated employees, businesses wouldn’t exist either, which begs the question: what is the relationship between employee engagement and customer loyalty?


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Privacy Protection:

In today’s digital age, you can’t be too careful with your personal information. According to the Kroll Global Fraud Report, 51 percent of companies describe themselves as highly or moderately vulnerable to information theft. The value of online fraud is predicted to reach $25.6 billion by 2020, according to the Juniper Research. As a result of the dangers of bank fraud and online identity theft, many customers are afraid to make online purchases with their debit/credit card. Many others simply don’t trust banks or financial institutions. For these reasons, incentive and loyalty cards can be very appealing to consumers looking for a secure way to shop, especially online.


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Travel – Holiday Resorts:

Incentive cards help to revolutionize the timeshare industry with a faster and more innovative way to increase customer acquisition and retention.


Here is one example of how it works: “The TruCash Card is a game-changer for American Resort International’s Holiday Network, as they can now offer monetary rewards to any number of tour attendees, timeshare guests, owners or timeshare staff, all managed via our proprietary real-time card loading system,” says Diana Fletcher, President, DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash. “We are pleased to partner with ARIHN to continue to bring this technology to the timeshare industry and help our clients leapfrog into the digital age – providing faster gifting, innovative rewards and a better customer experience.”


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Payroll Cards can be used to replace outdated cheque-based payment systems with a user-friendly online process that automatically distributes payroll funds to thousands of employees and subcontractors.


“We are pleased to partner with PMC to help them bring value-added benefits to their clients,” says Diana Fletcher, President, DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash. “The TruCash Card program is such a useful payment solution for payroll companies like Pocket Money Capital. In addition to streamlining the entire process and making it more cost effective, there are also numerous benefits for the employees and contractors who receive their salaries or other financial compensation through PMC. No matter where they are located, they now have instant access to their funds, without the need for a bank account or having to rely on cheque cashing services.”


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Labatt Blue customers earned preloaded Sabrebucks payment cards they are able to use at the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres facilities. Originally launched in 2010, the Buffalo Sabres “Sabrebucks” loyalty program was named Outstanding Entrant in the 2010 Paybefore Awards, being recognized amongst thousands of programs for outstanding achievement.


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Travel – Travel Agents:

IMAGINE, who partnered with DCR Strategies to provide a travel agent loyalty program which won the 2009 Paybefore Awards for the Best B2B Corporate-Funded Program, used their annual roadshow to present some of their latest program updates, including a newly upgraded online portal and the new truTap app.


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A CPPO survey of consumers stated that open-loop incentive cards are the top holiday gift. A majority of Canadians, 79 percent, said they would like to receive an open loop incentive card. 78 percent prefer open-loop cards versus closed loop gift cards that they can only be used at one retailer.


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To stay current, organizations need to always be looking a different ways of doing business. A 2016 study called “ The New Financial Reality: The Rise of Non-Traditional Wage Management” asked more than 1,000 adults, ages 18 to 65, who had been employed in the previous six months, to list their attitudes and perceptions around wage payment options. One of the most important findings in the study was millennials’ overall positive view of electronic payroll cards, with 64 percent of millennial respondents saying payroll cards should be offered as an option by employers and 40 percent saying they feel a company cares about its workers when it offers more payment options.


Millennials are the largest demographic in the U.S. workforce. Thirty-seven percent of all millennials feel it would be valuable to have their pay loaded on a paycard each payday, which amounts to over 29 million millennials in the U.S.


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