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Reduce Cost Inefficiencies While

Streamlining payment processes

Streamline payments using our online payment platform. Save time and money by transitioning from cheques and cash to electronic payments for expenses, disbursements programs, etc. A proven solution for government social benefits distribution, disaster relief, student loans, and more.

Benefits for
your Administration

  • Reduce administrative costs and decrease paperwork
  • Reduce costs of reissuing lost cheques
  • Better control the distribution of funds
  • Enforce spending policies
  • Gain better transparency of payment processes
  • Reloadable via secure PIN-based real-time online tools

Benefits for

  • Immediate access to funds through real-time loads
  • Eliminates cost of cheque cashing services
  • Enables electronic bill payment
  • Safer than cash, faster than cheques
  • No bank account or credit check required
  • Reduces stigma of social benefits cheques or vouchers
  • Make payments at millions of locations worldwide


  • Allows you to combine disbursements for multiple programs, all with a single solution
  • Option to restrict purchases to specified locations
  • Standard or customized reporting options available
  • Program management support

Quick and Secure Payments

Loaded with Benefits

Benefits and Social Program Disbursements

Streamline payments for pension, social security, public assistance, unemployment benefits and more.

Emergency Assistance

Deliver disaster relief & emergency assistance payments instantly via electronic loads. Enables recipients to shop, pay bills online and gain immediate access to their funds.

Expense Programs

Stop exceeding travel, overhead, department and employee expenses and start having full control and awareness over your corporate spending.

Employee Payroll and Incentives

Gain full visibility of your payments. Pay and motivate employees at the click of a button. One real-time transaction replaces costly cheque distribution.

Non-Government Public Sector Programs

Our programs are great for student payments, college and university programs as well as other non-government programs.

Charity and Non-Profit

We assist associations, charities, government entities and other organizations in defining, launching and promoting customized benefit and disbursement programs.

Customized Mobile Apps

Fully Integrated

Highly Secure

Easy To Use

24/7 Account Access

Online Usage

Put Prepaid Payments to work for your organization