Prepaid Takes Flight. Incentives In the Travel Industry

In the Travel & Tourism industry there are numerous practiced methods of increasing business.  Many travel agencies utilize their current employees and customers to drive future sales and increase their client base.  However, finding an effective way to encourage these practices on an on-going basis can be difficult.  A prepaid solution is a proven method to help re-enforce these behaviours and sustain continued growth.  Prepaid cards are flexible, easy-to-use and can be effectively distributed to a large client base.

Here are some business growth practices in the travel & tourism industry that can be enhanced by using prepaid cards:

Rebates & Customer Appreciation

Keeping your existing customers satisfied is critical to any business. It is more cost effective for businesses to retain customers rather than obtaining new ones. By providing travel loyalty Incentives to your existing client base you are increasing customer retention at a minimal cost.

Prepaid cards can be used to distribute rebates and rewards rather than using gift cards or vouchers.  Reward existing customers by providing money back through a custom closed-loop prepaid card for future trips!


Promotions are a great way to entice customers to try your product or service. One of the key elements in any competitive industry is being able to encourage new customers to try your product or service the first time.

Use promotions as an incentive for travelers to use your service.  Distribute prepaid cards with set amounts for new customers to spend in an open or closed loop program. They are a great promotional gift at events or presentations or when given out after bookings.

Travel Expenses

Two important factors customers consider when planning a trip are preventing theft and managing expenses. People want to be able to control their budget and not have to worry about being vulnerable to serious fraud when making transactions.

Provide clients with the option of using prepaid cards for travel expenses.  By using prepaid cards for travel expenses, clients have increased security while spending in foreign countries and will be able to have a more reliable travel budget.

Sales Incentives

Having a motivated labour force is one of the best ways to increase sales. Employees are constantly interacting with existing and potential customers. By providing sales incentives, it encourages employees to close deals at a healthier rate which significantly impacts your business results at year end.

Prepaid Cards are an effective vehicle to hold incentives for your sales team.  Motivate your travel assistants to bring in more clients by providing sales incentives. Use either open or closed loop prepaid cards to customize your incentive program.

Referral Rewards

One of the most effective forms of advertisement is good reviews from your current customers. Leverage your current client base by providing rewards for referrals on prepaid cards.  For each referral, put money back on your customer’s prepaid card to be used toward future trips and bookings.

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