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Virtual Prepaid Card Programs are great when you are looking to quickly implement an online program for your customers. Prepaid Virtual Cards work exactly the same as normal Prepaid Cards without the physical card. Instead of disbursing the cards, all you have to do is disburse the card numbers. This means there is a quick launch window as there is no need to print cards.
Virtual Prepaid Card Programs


While Virtual Prepaid Card Programs are much quicker to launch, they are designed and limited to online use. This means they cannot be used at any physical POS retail station. However, the efficiency and quickness of Virtual Prepaid Cards make them the perfect solution for many programs such as online rebates fulfillment and promotions.


DCR Strategies Inc. named 'Breakout Company of the Year 2015' at the 2015 PayBefore Awards.

DCR Strategies Inc. named ‘Breakout Company of the Year 2015’ at the 2015 PayBefore Awards.

For the 8th year in a row, DCR Strategies Inc. was a winner at the Paybefore Awards. This year, DCR was announced the winner of ‘Gotta-Have Mobile App’ for our truTap Mobile Wallet and named Breakout Company of the year…

The organization that stood out from the crowd in 2014 to make a positive, game-changing (perhaps unexpected) difference in the prepaid/emerging payments environment in a geographic region or globally. May be a new or established organization -Paybefore Awards 2015