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What is the truTap™ Mobile Wallet?

The truTap™ Mobile Wallet app turns your phone into an NFC tap and go wallet. Tap your phone to any contactless point of sale device and pay for purchases. Featuring the latest in cloud technology, payments are not only secure but lightning fast.  

truTap™ Mobile WalletReload anywhere. Transfer Anytime. View Transactions in Real Time. 

The first true mobile app for prepaid cards. Reload your prepaid card anywhere conveniently and securely using your credit card. Transfer funds from your prepaid card to another prepaid card instantaneously, for allowance, paying a loan or just being generous. Check you card balance in real time and view detailed transaction information.


Is It Secure?truTap™ Mobile Wallet Security

Secured by the latest in Carta Worldwide’s cloud-based Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology, the truTap Wallet features multi-layer security backed by network purchase protection. Users are required to provide both password and card information to further eliminate card fraud.


truTap™ Mobile Wallet Screenshot What do I need?

1. A Modern Smartphone

Choose from a variety of truTap™ ready devices (check device compatibility)

2. truTap™ Application for Android or iPhone

Download Now Apple App Store Google Play

3. A TruCash Visa or Mastercard Prepaid Card

Lastly, add your TruCash Prepaid Visa® or MasterCard® payment card to your truTap™ wallet and you’re ready to go! Don’t have a TruCash Card? Register a new card directly from the app!

How Does it Work?truTap™ Mobile Wallet (NFC)

truTap™ puts your TruCash Prepaid card at your fingertips.
Simply login with your card information to access your account on your smartphone. truTap® for Android allows you to make prepaid contactless payments using your smartphone’s NFC technology.

Login With Your TruCash Prepaid Visa® or MasterCard®
Upon activation, each account is issued a Virtual Prepaid Card in order to make payments with truTap mobile. Simply top it up with funds via an existing credit card and use it to make mobile payments.

Reloading is Easy!
Load your truTap from a variety of sources: from a credit card, a bank account or setup auto top-up to ensure you always have funds.


Where Can I Use it?

Use truTap™ at thousands of locations. Any contactless point of sale (POS) terminal can support truTap™ contactless payment. Funds are drawn directly from your TruCash prepaid card account.

Are You a TruCash Cardholder? Download Now!

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