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Start a Customer Loyalty Program


Deliver on-going rewards that motivate your customers to frequently interact with your company. Offering meaningful rewards creates another point of differentiation from your competition and opens another channel to create strong relationships with your customers. Avoid extra costs with associated with traditional programs, use TruCash Prepaid Cards and easily distribute, track and manage your rewards program today.


Launch one-time or recurring promotions with the help of TruCash Prepaid Incentive Cards.  Incentives are a great way to influence and motivate positive behaviours that are profitable for your business. Whether you’re launching a new product, having event giveaways, promoting a contest or offering corporate gifts and awards. TruCash Prepaid Incentive Cards are an effective way to increase customer loyalty and manage incentive programs.


Turn rebates into a powerful acquisition and retention tool by introducing a TruCash Prepaid Rebate Card. Simplify the rebate process and save money by streamlining fulfillment through an instant money transfer.



truTap Mobile Wallet

The safe and easy way to make contactless NFC payments, check your balance, transactions and make transfers using your prepaid card and smartphone.

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