We Answer Your Burning Prepaid Cards Questions

What is a prepaid card?
A prepaid card combines the benefits of both debit and credit. Just like your credit card, prepaid cards can be used anywhere that Mastercard® or Visa® is accepted. That means you can use a prepaid card to make day-to-day purchases at stores, online, and virtually anywhere in the world.

How do I activate and register my prepaid card?
In order to fully take advantage of your prepaid card, you will have to register it and provide a few personal details. You can register your card online at www.trucash.com or call TruCash® toll free at 1-800-624-6171 and we’ll activate your card in a matter of minutes.

How do I use my prepaid card?
If you’ve ever used a debit or credit card before, you’ll know the drill: give the cashier/merchant your card, or swipe the card through the terminal yourself. You can select either the debit or credit option–either function will work. If you select debit, you will have to enter your 4-digit PIN number. If you select credit, you will have to sign for the purchase. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in the account, plus any applicable fees related to the transaction. If you’re using the card for an online purchase, you will have to enter your card information and some personal details, similar to making a credit card transaction. Follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I put money on my card?
Putting money onto a prepaid card is easy, because there are so many different options. Some cards are loaded by the prepaid card owner themselves, while others are loaded by an employer, business, merchant, or government agency.

Here are some of the loading options available:
Electronically via online web portal // Payment station (e.g. retail location) // Transfer from another account (wire transfer) // Payroll disbursement from employer // Reload using a credit card, Interac e-transfer or a Card-to-Card money transfer

How can I check my account balance?
Call TruCash® toll free at 1-800-624-6171, log in to your TruCash account online at https://www.trucash.com/ or simply check your TruTap app.

Where can I use my prepaid card?
Since a prepaid card can be used anywhere that Mastercard or Visa is accepted, there are millions of opportunities to shop all over the world, including retail stores and online. You can also use your prepaid card to pay bills online. Some cards provide you with ATM access as well.
Depending on program specifics, there are some cards that can only be used at specific locations.

Is my prepaid card a gift card?
No. There are closed-loop prepaid cards, which act like a store gift card and can only be used at select locations, but an open-loop card can be used anywhere that Mastercard® or Visa® is accepted, just like a regular credit card. However, although a prepaid card has all of the advantages of a credit card, you are not actually borrowing money; therefore no credit check is required during the application process! Similar to a debit card, with a prepaid card you are using money you already have.

Are there any fees with my card?
Make sure to check the terms and conditions of your card to see what fees may apply. Often, prepaid card fees are actually lower than the cost of maintaining a traditional chequing account, and prepaid cards do not require you to keep a minimum balance in order to avoid monthly fees. The great thing about a prepaid card is that, unlike a credit card, you don’t have to worry about interest charges. Depending on your card setup, companies offer different types of fee structures.

I’ve lost my prepaid card! What do I do?
If you lose your card, don’t worry; you can simply order a new one! Your card balance will stay the same. Your prepaid card also includes zero liability protection, so if the card is lost or stolen and unauthorized purchases are made on the card, you will not be held responsible. If your card is lost/stolen, please contact our 24/7 customer support center immediately, and we will cancel the old card and send you a replacement card.

Have more prepaid cards questions or looking to learn more about prepaid cards? Feel free to contact us by visiting our contact page. DCR offers you years of experience and expertise in prepaid card solutions—from the launching stage all the way through fulfillment and program management.

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