DCR’s Favourite Payment Industry Posts of May 2017

payment industry

Here are some of our favourite payment industry posts for the month of May 2017.

6 Reasons Why Reloadable Cards Are The New Way To Pay
“The future of financial payments is here: reloadable cards. In 2016, 95 percent of consumers said they were satisfied with reloadable prepaid cards, up 22 points from 2015. Open-loop reloadable prepaid cards are the fastest-growing form of electronic payment, with more than 50 percent of people buying a prepaid card for personal use in 2015, compared to 19 percent in 2008. In 2003, prepaid cards accounted for 800 million transactions worth $20 billion. In 2012, the numbers were 9.2 billion and $220 billion, respectively.”

10 Infographic Stats On Future Financial Trends
“In Part One of our “Future Trends” series, we gave you six reasons why the reloadable card is the future of finance, and why so many people are moving away from traditional banking methods and choosing prepaid solutions. In Part Two, we have six MORE reasons why reloadable cards are the next big thing. Check out our infographic for 10 future financial trends, and why reloadable prepaid cards are the future of finance.”

Replacing Cheques with Open-Loop Prepaid Products
“In order for Canada to live up to its reputation as a banking and payments leader, it must do more to reduce reliance on the antiquated cheque. Open-loop prepaid products solve many of the problems cheques cause businesses, and offer consumers a familiar and comfortable step into the fast-growing world of electronic payments.”

DCR Strategies Wins Best Benefits Delivery and Best Incentive Program Category in 2017 Paybefore Awards
“We are delighted to announce that we have been selected as a winner in two categories at the 2017 Paybefore Awards. Paybefore judges have selected the CFMWS (Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services) MasterCard Prepaid Card Program as the 2017 winner in the Best Benefits Delivery category, and The Friends and Family Rewards Program as the winner in the Best Incentive Program category.”

Google’s Android Pay launches in Canada
“Google’s Android Pay, a mobile wallet that allows people to pay with their smartphone, is available for Canadians to download starting Wednesday. Users can pay with the app in stores that accept contactless payment and on apps such as Uber and Lululemon that have an Android Pay button. Android Pay will work with Visa and MasterCard credit cards from Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Scotiabank, National Bank, Desjardins, President’s Choice Financial, ATB Financial and Canadian Tire Financial Services.”

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