21 Different Ways To Overcome Poor Loyalty Performance

You have launched a customer loyalty program, but it is underperforming your expectations. What can you do about it? Where do you go from here?

Simply put, the reason that many customer loyalty programs fail is because of poor implementation. The good news is that your problems are not impossible to fix, and they don’t require any extreme changes to your loyalty program. There are many small tweaks and changes you can make to overcome poor results and engage your consumers. By improving your loyalty program, you will stand out from your competitors, increase brand loyalty, increase your customer share, and improve your bottom line.

Here are some ways to overcome poor loyalty performance:

Improve Your Customer Experience

It is important to always try to look for new and unique ways to form a bond/partnership with your customers. Improve the customer’s experience by making things streamlined, asking for their feedback on services, and by creating new loyalty offerings that they actually want. Make your loyalty program to the point, and make sure the information you get from the consumer is actually useful to your company and your loyalty program.

● Quick and Easy! Only require and gather customer information that you plan on using. Nothing is more annoying than a long and tedious sign up.
● Prizes? Offer an incentive at enrolment in order to entice your customers.
● New isn’t always better! Don’t just focus on adding new members. You also need to engage current members.
● Take a look at your reward program redemption rates. Who is redeeming, and what are they buying?
● Make sure your rewards are compelling and actually possible to reach in order to combat customer disengagement.
● Find out which customers earn rewards and are not redeeming.
● Provide personalized offers. 62% of consumers don’t believe that the brands they’re most loyal to are doing enough to reward them.
● Offer a mobile app or online website that links to your loyalty card and allow your customers to easily check out information, points/cash total, make transactions, send money, and more.
● Keep things simple, streamlined, and seamless.
● A mix of hard and soft benefits. Hard benefits reinforce value and soft benefits build emotional connection.
● Reward consumers with loyalty points for actions that benefit your business, such as sharing a post on social media, referring new customers, or writing a review. A point-based system like TruCash Points is a great way to incentivize your customers.
● Tier your loyalty program to give customers a reason to spend more.
● Clarify the customers’ wants and needs. Ask your customers questions via social media, email surveys, or in-app questionnaires to find out what they value the most.
● Take a look at what people are saying on social media to get an idea about how people really feel about your company and your loyalty program.

Engage Your Employees

Your most overlooked and under-utilized asset is often your employees. An appreciated employee is a happy employee, and companies that treat their employees with respect will see a workforce that offers personal customer experiences, which will lead to an increase in customer loyalty. Provide the proper support and training to your employees because their success is your success.

● A script worthy of Hollywood! Offer your employees an easy-to-follow, step-by-step script and make it a breeze for your staff to talk about the benefits of the loyalty program
● Get the word out! Make sure your employees know the benefits of your loyalty program and why it is valuable to your customers
● Winner Winner! Create an employee contest to see who can enrol the most new customers. Offer a prize that is actually valuable, like a prepaid card.
● Make enrolling customers a requirement. Set a minimum amount of consumers that an employee must sign up and make it realistic.
● 55% of organizations with employee engagement rates of more than 50% that have customer retention rates of more than 80%.
● Secret shop your loyalty program and see if there are issues that need to be addressed
● Communicate to your employees why the loyalty program is important.


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