5 Ways Multi-Level Marketing Companies Can Increase Loyalty

Multi-level marketing companies are driven by sales, and as such their business model is designed to motivate employees to sell their product and to bring in new sales associates. Therefore, it is important to reward employees, maintain their loyalty, and give them incentives to continue to bring in sales/recruit new salespeople.

How can you increase loyalty?

Read below for five ways to help get your sales consultants engaged and keep sales consultants productive.

Sign-up bonuses
A great way to persuade new people to join a multi-level marketing company’s sales force is by offering branded promotional items. Previously, that included items like a backpack, clothing, water bottles, or workplace items, but now, the rise of prepaid cards has opened up new opportunities for rewards. A card pre-loaded with cash is a great incentive for attending corporate sales events or for becoming a new member. The branded prepaid cards also result in increased brand awareness, and serve as a great marketing tool for would-be members.


Recruiting Incentives
The key to success for any MLM company is sales recruiting–in order for the company to continue to grow, they must bring in new people. A great way to reward sales associates for meeting or exceeding their quota is by offering them a prepaid card. The cards can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted and are more secure and flexible than cash. As well, the card can attached to unique reward programs tailored specifically to that company.


Reward Your Existing Customers/Sales Associates Instead Of Always Looking For New Ones
Although it’s important to continually search for new members to bring in to a multi-level marketing company, you should never forget about your current customers/sales associates. These people have already done business with you, and they deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty. Send these people special coupons, sales items, or prepaid cards loaded with cash and keep in touch with them. This will go a long way to improving–and maintaining–a relationship.


Treat Each Person As An Individual
It can be easy to feel unloved or like a number when involved with a massive company with thousands of clients and sales associates. As a result, customer service is extremely important. Make your clients/consumers feel appreciated by doing all the little things, such as sending them a greeting/gift on their birthday, personalizing communication, and providing unique or wanted items such as a cash card they use to make purchases they actually want.


Tiered Status Levels
Everyone likes to know that they are appreciated for their hard work, and a great way to do this is by offering tiered status levels. If a sales associate reaches a certain sales threshold, they can be bumped up to a “Gold” level or a similar equivalent, which offers them larger cash bonuses. These bonuses can be paid out via an easy-to-use prepaid card.

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