How to Maximize Sports Fan Loyalty

The fall is possibly the greatest time for sports fans. Excitement is at an all-time high and fans are eager to support and cheer on their teams. On the field, the World Series just ended a 108-year drought for the Chicago Cubs, marking one of the greatest games in baseball history. On the court, the NBA just began its 70th season with teams putting on an exciting show for their devoted fans. On the ice, the NHL started off the season with some of the brightest new stars the game has ever seen. And on the gridiron, the NFL playoff race is just starting to heat up.

But what if your team didn’t just win the World Series championship, or isn’t in the hunt for a playoff spot? How can sports teams capitalize on all of this recent excitement to maintain ongoing fan loyalty and attract new fans?
The answer is simple: a prepaid loyalty program.

Prepaid Card Solutions

A prepaid program is the perfect vehicle to reward fans, build fan loyalty and attract new fans. It provides benefits for season ticket holders and non-season- ticket holders alike. From the sign-up stage, you can offer season ticket holders exclusive promotions such as rebates that they can redeem at a game, or a points system program for future redemptions. For non-season-ticket holders, you can offer incentives for signing up, or perhaps a rebate for reduced prices on food and beverages.

Prepaid cards are also customizable, allowing teams to have their logo and their own customized design printed on the card. Not only will this strengthen your team’s branding, but fans will also be excited to have a card that matches their team jersey. Furthermore, a prepaid card allows fans to purchase anything in the team’s venue: food, beverages, tickets, and team merchandise.

Possible promotional incentives for fans include:

– Invitations to watch game day practices or other exclusive events
– Distribution of corporate rewards at the game
– Contests, promotions, sweepstakes and draws
– Premium Season Ticket Holder Rewards Program
– Incentive cards for non-season-ticket holders
– Seasonal promotions (e.g. special offers for playoffs)
– Rebates for team merchandise purchases, special events, concessions, etc.

A prepaid card program also provides you with valuable demographic data about your fan base. Gathering this information allows you to understand your fans better, making it easier for you to develop targeted promotions to meet their needs.

Fan Benefits

A prepaid card program is designed to engage your fans and attract new people to your games; however, this task is only possible by creating memorable experiences for your fans. Here are a few of the reasons why the benefits of a prepaid card can provide the best experiences for fans:

– Cards can be customized, allowing fans to show their support every time they use their card
– Fans receive discounts and privileges for supporting their team
– Cards are reloadable, so funds can be added on an ongoing basis
– Fans can manage their funds easily via an online portal
– Funds are disbursed electronically, providing instant access to funds
– Funds are in one place as opposed to carrying multiple vouchers
– Cards are secure and protected from fraud, theft, and loss

DCR Strategies has developed a prepaid card loyalty programs specifically for professional sports organizations, equipping teams that have adopted these programs with a powerful loyalty tool, and providing their fans with notable experiences that they can share with friends and family. Read this article for a more detailed account of how a DCR prepaid program can help a sports organization implement or revitalize their existing loyalty program.

DCR offers in-house management, which consists of extensive experience in the design, implementation and management of prepaid loyalty programs. If you have questions or need help launching your own program, please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.

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