Solutions by Industry


Season ticket rewards, one-time incentives, rebates, closed-loop loyalty and more.


Referral programs, rebates, sales incentives, dealer loyalty and more. 


Sign-up incentives, purchase rebates, one-time incentives, virtual rewards and more.

Hospitality & Tourism

Agent incentives, travel cards, timeshare incentives, referrals, innovative loyalty programs and more.


Consumer incentives, employee spiffs and rewards, closed-loop loyalty and more.


Clinical trials, manufacturer rebates, thank you gifts and more.

Telecommunication Services

Purchase incentives, employee reward programs, rebates and more.

Public Sector / Government

Government disbursements, emergency funds, rebate fulfillment, education funding, disaster relief and more.

Financial Services & Banking

Debit cards, current account programs & full-fledged loyalty and more.


Brand promotions, distributor incentives, loyalty programs and cash back rebates and more.


Insurance payouts, on-time payment incentives, on-going loyalty and more.


Digital rewards, innovative incentives, points or cash-based loyalty and more.


Payroll, expenses, commissions, incentive programs, loyalty programs and more.

MLM/ Direct Selling

Commissions, bonus programs, distributor incentives, expense cards and more.

Marketing Firms

Offer your clients a quick, easy to redeem reward, great for any promotion.


Brand promotions, in-pack incentives, on-pack promotions, cash back rebates and more.

Charity / Organization

Charities, government entities and other organizations

Real Estate

Sales incentives, bonuses, customer referrals & incentives, thank you gifts and more.


Product promotions, on-pack incentives, manufacturer rebates and more.


“The SabreBucks program is very popular with Sabres fans, especially our Season Ticket Holders. This season’s program is better than ever because of the flexibility offered by the TruCash Visa® card. Fans love the convenience the card provides and the additional rewards it offers.”

– Tom Matheny, Database Marketing Manager, Buffalo Sabres

“We are very pleased to be able to offer this value-added loyalty program to our Ontario based residential customers. Not only does it allow us to provide enhanced benefits to our customers at the time of signing, it also provides us with a platform for strengthening our relationship with these customers over time through the presentation of additional value added products and services.”

– Ken Hartwick, CEO and President of Just Energy

“This program has empowered each member with financial freedom by eliminating the need to stand in line each month, giving members the ability to “charge” purchases, and increasing the level of security and accessibility to their money – when they need it. From a Program Administrator’s perspective, it has streamlined the monthly payment process by reducing the amount of work required to distribute the funds”.

– Mary Jane Monias, Administrator of Welfare at St.Theresa’s Point First Nations

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