Connect with your customers

Connect with your customers on a whole new level with co-branded prepaid card incentives. Bring your creative marketing concepts to life, gain exposure, attract customers, and ensure smooth, easy card issuance with DCR’s quick to market builder incentive solutions.



Prepaid cards provide your customers with the opportunity to spend incentives freely, on anything they desire. Ensure incentives truly matter, with a fresh new flexible alternative to discounting. Plus they’re branded with your logo and message – the perfect billboard in your customers wallet!



Signup and Earn

Sign up online and receive $10 or $20 on us!
Reloadable cards can be distributed for any type of reward. Virtual and Physical options available.


Leverage Your Client Information

Receive an extra $1000/2000 when you sign today.
Leverage your client information (Name, Address, Email) after they visit a sales office to entice them to purchase from you.


Upgrade and Save

The more you upgrade, the more you save.
Ex. Upgrade to the luxury windows and receive an additional $150 on the card.


Incentives for every reason, season or lifestyle


Purchase Incentives

Prepaid incentives have become a
well-established sales tool due to their flexibility and ease of use.

Referral Rewards

Turn every happy customer into a brand advocate. Offer on-going rewards for every referral.

Customer Appreciation

Happy customers are the lifeblood of repeat business. Reward them and see how fast word of mouth can spread.

Loyalty Incentives

Reward your customers when it matters. Loyalty points or cash can be loaded to the card at anytime during the purchase cycle.

Rebate Programs

Well executed rebate programs are a valuable tool for increasing sales in a short period of time. Virtual and Physical options available.

Customer Retention

A powerful tool for customer retention prepaid cards offer memorable rewards, tied to your brand for a lasting impression.


Spend how you like!




It’s Trackable

Leverage your client information and card usage to tailor a program that drives future sales.

It’s Flexible

Offer rewards in any denomination, at any time, at the touch of a button.

It Promotes Your Brand

Like a mini-billboard in your customer’s wallet prepaid cards help promote your brand while providing the security of a network branded payment card.

It’s Easy to Manage

Create any type of promotion or launch multiple promotion strategies in physical or online form. Our management console makes it easier than ever to reward your customers.

It’s Easy to Use

Prepaid cards have become the preferred reward option for both companies and recipients alike.

It’s Cost Effective

Optimize your payroll, promotion and incentive programs with trackable, easy to manage and easy to load prepaid card options.