Holiday Season Marketing Guide

holiday season marketing

The holidays are the perfect time to thank your best customers. Win the season by engaging customers, motivating employees, and spreading holiday cheer with some great business ideas found in our holiday season marketing guide.

Holiday Marketing Idea 1: The In-Pack/On-Pack Holiday Incentive Program
Offer customers more this holiday season! The In-Pack/ On-Pack Holiday Incentive Program is perfect for those on a tight budget, campaigns with tight timelines or as an incentive pilot program.

Holiday Marketing Idea #2: The GPG Incentive to Buy Promotion Program
One of the most successful prepaid promotion programs in the world to date, the incentive to Buy Cereal Box Promotion encompassed 10 brands and was made available in over 1 million boxes across the US and Canada.

Holiday Marketing Idea #3: The Holiday Virtual Incentive
Today more and more people are shopping online. It’s convenient. It’s fun. It’s a time-saver. And now there’s a new way for your brand to be top-of-mind while online shoppers shop! You can treat them to free spending!

Holiday Marketing Idea #4: The Holiday Manufacturer Rebate / Incentive
Ensure your brand is always in your customer’s wallet with a carefully planned and executed Rebate Program.

Holiday Marketing Idea #5: The Thank You Holiday Program
Motivated people work harder and if you create a solid rewards program, it’s easy to foster loyalty among your customers, and a culture of excellence among your employees.

Holiday Marketing Idea #6: The Chance To Win Holiday Promotion Program
While many smaller promotions may not appeal to your target audience this holiday season, everyone loves a chance to Win Big.

Holiday Marketing Idea #7: The Holiday Sign-Up and Renewal Incentive Program
The Holidays are a great time to get people to sign-up to your services. The New Year is also the perfect time to remind your customers how much you appreciate them.

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Win the season with these great business ideas!
Holidays are the perfect time to thank your best customers.

Win the Season, with these great ideas!

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