Holiday Promotion Ideas: How can your Business Stand Out?

It’s that time of year! The holiday season is approaching and with the holidays comes the annual tradition of shoppers filtering through the web and scouring malls trying to brainstorm gift ideas for parents, siblings, cousins, clients and their dog. A tradition brain numbing like no other, shoppers are begging merchants to stand out and help them on their gift giving journey.

What can businesses do to stand out?

Holiday Promotion IdeasThe holidays are an important time for businesses. The greater potential for increased sales motivates vendors and retailers to generate marketing campaigns that maximize traffic during the busiest months of the year. This year, think of prepaid cards as a method to attract customers when creating your seasonal promotion campaign. They provide benefits for not only the business but the shopper as well.

Prepaid cards provide features that gift cards or vouchers cannot offer. For one, prepaid cards can be co-branded with unique benefits for the merchant and quality rewards for the customer. While gift cards and vouchers act essentially credit, giving no further benefits, prepaid cards can be linked to rewards that provide additional incentives to the shopper. These can be further customized to provide selective benefits for specific months, changing seasonally so it reflects the holidays, events and special sales.

In addition to increased rewards, prepaid cards provide the shopper and vendor with more flexibility. When a customer receives a prepaid card, they have the ability to reload the card as much as they want. They can spend the money online and at more than one location, which is a common limitation for gift cards. This provides the customer with more freedom and provides the vendor with potential for more sales. Positive experiences with the retailer can lead to depositing more money on their prepaid card, increasing the customer’s long-term value and the businesses overall sales.

The vendor can also use the cards as a vehicle for employee incentives. During the holiday months your sales and customer service team are critical. To properly motivate your employees, use prepaid cards to load rewards, bonuses or compensation. It is an effective way to recognize employee performance during the holiday months and motivate them the produce more sales.

So, why should vendors start using prepaid cards for holiday promotions?Holiday Promotion Ideas

  • Custom branded cards
  • Seasonal specific rewards that increase customer loyalty
  • Increased customer and vendor flexibility
  • Offline and online shopping capabilities
  • Tracking capabilities
  • Employee incentives


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