Holiday Marketing Idea: The In-Pack/On-Pack Holiday Incentive Program

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Looking to make a difference this holiday marketing season? We’ve compiled the 2016 Prepaid Holiday Promotions Ideabook for the perfect cheat-sheet for building customer loyalty, providing innovative promotions, and delivering impactful experiences. Check out one of the ideas down below, and download the 2016 Prepaid Holiday Promotions Ideabook for more great tips!

IDEA #1: The Ultimate Product Promotion 
The In-Pack/ On-Pack Holiday Incentive Program
Offer customers more this holiday season! The In-Pack/ On-Pack Holiday Incentive Program is perfect for those on a tight budget, campaigns with tight timelines or as an incentive pilot program. This program has been proven effective for CPG companies, manufacturers and retailers. Prepaid cards are quicker and more rewarding than other forms of rewards or thank yous. They offer added security and open-loop payment flexibility, meaning your customers can spend them where they want, and on what they like!

How it works:

• Simply include a prepaid card in your packaging or with purchase, as a one-time use incentive for purchases, a thank you or a seasonal gift.

• Our cards can be co-branded or generic – making them perfect for tight time-lines and budgets.

• Give a little or a lot – prepaid cards can be loaded with varied amounts, allowing for a truly rewarding relationship.

Worried about customer and client satisfaction?

Prepaid cards are the preferred gift for any occasion! A 2015 study by the Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization (CPPO), recently revealed some interesting stats regarding Prepaid holiday trends:

• 45% of Canadians have received an open loop card

• 78% prefer open loop gift card versus closed loop gift cards that can be used at one retailer

• 79% would like to receive an open loop prepaid card to buy exactly what they want, when they want.

• 51% prefer a prepaid card because it’s more secure than cash

Download the 2016 Prepaid Holiday Promotions Ideabook

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