Holiday Marketing Idea #5: The Thank You Holiday Card Program

In Holiday Marketing Idea #5, we give you the Thank You Holiday Card Program. Want more great ideas? Download the 2016 Prepaid Holiday Promotions Ideabook for more great tips!

Everyone Loves A Thank You!
Motivated people work harder and if you create a solid rewards program, it’s easy to foster loyalty among your customers, and a culture of excellence among your employees.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, government, finance, real-estate, retail or any other business incentives can play a large role in the profitability of your business. Let your customers know you appreciate them with a Prepaid Card.

Here are a couple great thank you ideas for the holidays:
• Offer a co-branded prepaid incentive card to your staff as a seasonal gift
• Offer a card as a thank you for any extraordinary efforts, or as a holiday thanks
• Include a $20-$100 Prepaid card in your Christmas mailings as a thank you for past business
• Virtual cards available for those with time or cost constraints

For Sales Agents, Brokers, Distributors:
Offer your clients a Prepaid card as a thank you for their continued business.
• Prepaid Cards are easy to issue and can be cobranded with your name and company logo
• Clients can use the cards at millions of locations worldwide, on whatever they choose
• Fosters loyalty towards your brand

For Retailers and Manufacturers:
Offer your customers a Prepaid Card as a Holiday Incentive Card.
• Offer rewards in any denomination as a “carrot” for your most profitable products
For Example:
• Buy two and receive a $20 Prepaid card
• Refer a friend and you both get $10,
• Purchase Brand “A” receive a Prepaid Card

Download the 2016 Prepaid Holiday Promotions Ideabook for more great tips!

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