Holiday Marketing Idea #4: The Holiday Manufacturer Rebate / Incentive Card

In Holiday Marketing Idea #4, we give you the Holiday Manufacturer Rebate / Incentive Card Program. Want more great ideas? Download the 2016 Prepaid Holiday Promotions Ideabook for more great tips!

You may have seen it before!
“Purchase new tires and receive a $100 prepaid card,” or “purchase a new fridge and receive a $250 Prepaid Visa Card.” These promotions find themselves into every industry during the holidays and there is good reason… they work!

Rebates Are A Powerhouse For Manufacturers!
The manufacturer or product rebate works to help move product inventory during the holiday season. Offer a value added reason to choose your brand over your competitors.

A co-branded Visa or MasterCard prepaid card is easy to distribute, easy to use and can be tracked to identify customer preferences and purchasing. As a preferred holiday incentive, they also provided an instant advertisement every time they are used. Ensure your brand is always in your customer’s wallet with a carefully planned and executed Prepaid Rebate Program.

Benefits Include:
• Easy-to-administer card-based rebates
• Increase sales while reducing costs
• Streamline distribution of rebates and lower related costs
• Offer choice and value to customers
• Provide an opportunity to promote a custom marketing message
• Build brand awareness with each card usage

Gift and incentive cards have been the most popular gifts across America for the past eight years and open loop cards continue to grow in popularity. According to the Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization (CPPO), 78% of customers prefer to receive open loop Prepaid cards!

Download the 2016 Prepaid Holiday Promotions Ideabook for more great tips!

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