Holiday Marketing Idea #2: The GPG Incentive to Buy Promotion Program

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Looking to make a difference this holiday marketing season? We’ve compiled the 2016 Holiday Promotions Ideabook for the perfect cheat-sheet for building customer loyalty, providing innovative promotions, and delivering impactful experiences. Check out another one of our ideas down below, click here for Holiday Marketing Idea #1, and download the 2016 Holiday Promotions Ideabook for more great tips!

One of the most successful promotion programs in the world to date, the General Mills Incentive to Buy Cereal Box Promotion encompassed 10 brands and was made available in over 1 million boxes across the US and Canada.

The Challenge
The client needed a really interesting, new and impactful presence on store shelves. While packaging is a great strategy they needed something fresh and rewarding.

The Solution
Promoted on over 1 million cereal boxes around the world, each cereal box had the potential to contain up to $100 in incentives.

The Results!
Cereal boxes included a branded $5-$100 incentive reward. The program became so successful that people would actually bring metal detectors in-store in an attempt to locate the boxes that featured rewards.

Download the 2016 Holiday Promotions Ideabook

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