DCR’s Favourite Payment Industry Posts of August 2017

payment industry

Here are some of our favourite payment industry posts for the month of August.

Prepaid Cards Are Perfect Incentive For Market Research Firms & Clinical Studies
“Offering the right incentive to participants in your company’s focus group or clinical study can be the difference maker when it comes to getting meaningful, accurate results and ensuring that respondents are engaged and motivated. It will also help entice participants to take part in future studies. It’s important to weigh and properly assess the variables — time commitment required, the specifics of the research task, etc. — and offer the right incentive. This is where prepaid cards come into play.”

5 Ways Prepaid Cards Can Help Drive Automotive Sales
“Prepaid cards have become a staple instrument for loyalty, incentive and referral programs within the automotive industry. Whether you are looking to reward, incite, promote, or simply get engaged with your agents or customer base, prepaid programs serve as an easy and rewarding tool. While reducing cost and complexity versus programs using cheques, vouchers, coupons, etc., prepaid programs also help with administration, with marketing, and with business development for the dealership.”

Government Benefits With Prepaid Solutions
“Prepaid cards are replacing cheques to become the standard payment solution for government programs everywhere, thanks to the wide variety of benefits they provide.”

Prepaid Is The Right Call For Telecommunications Companies
“The telecom industry is highly competitive, and most customer offerings are boring, repetitive, and unenticing. Prepaid cards allow telecommunication companies to replace traditional–and outdated–payment methods like cheques or vouchers. TruCash programs offer unparalleled insight into customer behaviours and provide a unique experience. Prepaid is a fast, cost-effective, paperless, and more efficient payment solution that helps attract new customers and retain existing customers.”

Labatt Partners with DCR Strategies & the Buffalo Sabres to Offer Special Rebate for Sabres Fans
“DCR Strategies Inc. (DCR), a leading provider of prepaid card and loyalty solutions across North America, partnered with Labatt and North American Breweries to deliver a special offer to their customers. During the promotion, customers in the Rochester, NY area who purchased a case of Labatt Blue and sent in the enclosed rebate form earned a prepaid card loaded with $10 in Sabrebucks.”

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