DCR’s Favourite Prepaid Industry Posts of June

prepaid industry

Here are some of our favourite prepaid industry posts for the month of June.

Mark Cuban Tells The World, “Don’t Use Credit Cards”
“Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban didn’t mince words when asked in a recent interview with to share his best money advice. The answer was simple: “From my dad: Don’t use credit cards… Credit cards are the worst investment that you can make.”

Terms You Should Know When Launching a Prepaid Program
“When launching a prepaid program, it’s important to know the terms associated with prepaid cards. Not knowing these terms can cause confusion, making it harder for you to choose and launch the appropriate program for your company. Here are some of the most important terms pertaining to the prepaid card industry.”

Are Open-Loop Prepaid Cards The Right Move For Your Business? We Answer All of Your Questions
“Is your company looking to launch a new prepaid program? If so, you might have some questions. DCR Strategies Inc. is a world leader in the prepaid card and loyalty market. We strive to offer the most innovative prepaid and loyalty solutions for all types of business. Check out our questions and answers inside.”

We Answer Your Burning Prepaid Cards Questions
Ever wanted to know what a prepaid card is, how to use a prepaid card, how to load money on a card, or how to recover a lost/stolen card? We answer all of these questions (and more) in this handy FAQ.

The Prepaid Business Today: Growth Remains Healthy
“U.S. open-loop prepaid card loads will surpass $300 billion in 2017. Despite regulatory and public relations headwinds, the prepaid business market continues to provide valuable transaction tools to individuals, businesses, and government agencies. The continued growth of the network-branded prepaid market as a whole reflects its diversity and staying power in the larger payments context.”

The Importance Of Customer Retention
“Customer retention is a pretty big deal. In fact, when it comes to customers, it might be THE most important thing a business can do to be successful. Here are five reasons why it’s key to your business. Need more proof? Check out this handy infographic for the cold, hard facts about why you need to start paying attention–or more attention–to customer retention.”

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