DCR | TruCash Named Winner in Sixth Annual Paybefore Awards

DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash Named Winner in Sixth Annual Paybefore Awards with The Lucky Red Pocket Program

February 6th, 2012

DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash Named Winner for the Fifth Consecutive Year

TORONTO, ONTARIO — Paybefore has chosen Lucky Red Pocket as a 2012 Paybefore Awards winner.

“We are very excited about this win”, says Diana Fletcher, President of DCR Strategies Inc., “This award once again proves that DCR has what it takes to be a leader in the industry. We take pride in taking a truly unique concept and making it a reality.”

“We have faith in the Lucky Red Pocket Visa Card which is created to help connect members of our Chinese community by revitalizing our thousands of years old tradition with new evolution. The Paybefore Award has candidly endorsed our conviction to pass down our great tradition for generations to come“, says Janet Yang, CEO of Yang Group.

The Lucky Red Pocket program was selected by a panel of five industry experts who served as judges for this year’s competition, which—once again—included entries from around the world.

“Our industry continues to break new ground and expand the reach of electronic payments because of companies like DCR Strategies Inc., TruCa$h and the Yang Group who make innovation and execution a priority. We are proud to recognize its contributions.”


The Lucky Red Pocket program offers a good luck alternative to the traditional “Red Pocket”, putting a new take on the age old tradition at Chinese New Year. The Cards allow participants to send a “Lucky Red Pocket Card” directly to friends or family quickly and easily. There is no need to be concerned about lost or stolen gifts, all the cards you send are guaranteed to be delivered. Recipients can also sit tight now that they have a safe, secure and ultimately convenient way to spend their Lucky Money.

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