DCR | TruCash Launch the Best Government Prepaid Program

January 26th, 2011

DCR | TruCash Empowers Canada’s First Nations with Financial Freedom; Program Wins Best Government Program at 2011 Paybefore Awards

TORONTO, ONTARIO — Paybefore has chosen DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash as a 2011 Paybefore Awards winner in the Best Government-Funded Prepaid Program category.

We are very excited about this recognition, over the past year our Prepaid Government and First Nation programs have seen tremendous success, says Diana Fletcher, President of DCR Strategies Inc. By eliminating issues related to cheques, budgeting, payment and accountability we have effectively enhanced the lives of First Nations in Canada. We look forward to using this momentum to expand this program into the USA, later this year.


The TranZtec Prepaid MasterCard® combines state-of-the-art prepaid functionality with the security and convenience of plastic payment cards – to deliver greater financial freedom to the First Nations of Canada. Empowering each member, the new card eliminates the need to stand in line each month, giving members the ability to “charge” purchases, also increasing the level of security and accessibility to funds – when and where they need it.

This program has empowered each member with financial freedom by eliminating the need to stand in line each month, giving members the ability to “charge” purchases, and increasing the level of security and accessibility to their money – when they need it. With the support of our partners we are assured each month, that our payments are loaded onto the cards, says Mary Jane Monias, Administrator of Welfare at St.Theresa’s Point First Nations.

From a Program Administrator’s perspective, I can say that it has streamlined the monthly payment process by reducing the amount of work required to distribute the funds.”

Now, Chiefs and Band Leaders simply distribute cards to their members and pay out funds electronically. Members can use the card like a real bank account, pay bills, transfer funds, and view balances. A necessity to some this luxury is now available to the First Nations of Canada.

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2 responses

  1. Lance Roulette says:

    Do the cards work in the United states?

  2. trucash123 says:

    Yes they do. Our Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards work at millions of locations worldwide.