Be The Boss: Celebrate Boss’s Day With These Tips On Employee Incentives

boss's day

Boss’s Day is a day for employees to recognize the bosses and supervisors in their workplace that are kind, fair, supportive, and true leaders. Many employees take this time to give their bosses cards, gift certificates, flowers, or meals. If you’re a boss or in a management position, how can you make sure you keep your employees happy? See below for some tips!

How An Incentive Program Can Increase Employee Retention
Hiring good employees is just the start to creating a strong work force. You also have to keep them. High employee turnover costs business owners in both time and productivity, and sharply affects the bottom line. So how can you improve on employee retention, morale, performance, and output? An innovative incentives/rewards program could be the answer. Incentives can help motivate your employees to reach performance goals and ensure commitment, loyalty, and retention.

How Employee Engagement Can Build Customer Loyalty
Make your employees feel valuable and appreciated by highlighting and encouraging them to use their abilities. People want to know what they are good at and how they can use their talents to help the company succeed. Employees can often be blind to their own talents, partly from comparing themselves to others; however, highlighting their unique gifts empowers employees and builds a sense of pride and confidence in their work.

16 Statistics That Prove Employee Incentives Are A Must
The stats are in: offering employee incentives are a must. Having happy employees can make or break your business! But don’t just take our word for it–check out the stats in this handy infographic!

5 Pitfalls To Avoid With Employee Incentives
Disengaged workers cost the economy $300 billion or more per year, while organizations with higher than average levels of employee engagement realized 27% higher profits, 50% higher sales, 50% higher customer loyalty levels, and 38% above-average productivity. To get the most out of their employees, businesses need to work to create opportunities for them to succeed, and reward them when they do.

5 Employee Incentive Programs That Work
Keeping your employees happy is an integral part of running a successful business because, in the end, the employees are the most important asset a company has. Ensuring that your employees are happy in the workplace will make your company stronger and ensure long-term stability. It should be a no-brainer but, although 90% of business leaders believe that an engagement strategy could positively impact their business, only 25% of them actually have a strategy in place. The difference an employee incentive program can make is huge. Properly structured programs can increase employee performance by as much as 44%.

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