Buffalo Bills ‘Bills Bucks’ Loyalty Program

‘Bills Bucks’ Loyalty Card Program Launched

Toronto, ON – DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash and the Buffalo Bills are pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Bills Bucks’ loyalty card program for the upcoming NFL season. The program is aimed at providing the best possible in-game experience for fans of the Buffalo Bills.

The ‘Bills Bucks’ loyalty cards act as a payment vehicle that can be used for all purchases inside Ralph Wilson Stadium. Fans can use the card to buy food, beverages, tickets and Bills merchandise. The new program replaces the vouchers that were previously used for the program.

The new program eliminates the possibility of lost or stolen funds. Each card has an online account associated with it, where funds can be securely deposited, stored and managed. In addition to security, the program provides the convenience of having all funds stored on one card instead of multiple vouchers. To start off the season fans will receive 2% of their ticket purchases in ‘Bills Bucks’ to be spent at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Bills Bucks

If you are a ‘Bills Bucks’ cardholder, please visit http://buffalobills.trucash.com to activate your card and update your profile.

Go Bills Go!

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