Want Bigger & Better Automotive Sales? Offer A Loyalty Card

loyalty card

In the last few years the automotive industry has experienced a strong period of substantial growth reaching sales records that over exceed previous recession record highs. It is predicted that the automotive industry cannot keep this trend going for too long and will see a downward spiral in sales the next few years. As a result, the automotive industry is required to change their strategies and tap into new marketing trends in order to develop a strong understanding on consumer’s behaviours and needs. Customers are now required to feel empowered in order to make car purchases that fit within their lifestyles. Enter the loyalty card.

Customer Acquisition starts with solid solutions!

  • In order to stand out from the rest and increase your sales a possible solution is a customized incentives card or loyalty card with the purchase of a car. It allows customers to use the funds to purchase accessories or service maintenance within your dealership.
  • The customized incentives card or loyalty card can also be used to provide your customers with ongoing rewards. This ensures that your customer base is constantly being exposed to your brand and making sound purchasing decisions within your dealership.
  • Good data is extremely difficult to come by! By providing your customer base with a customized payment solution, it allows for the generation of reporting functions that can pin point customers purchasing behaviours for future promotions. Specialized auto data gives you an advantage in a very competitive industry.

By keeping your customers engaged and allowing for open communication it allows for your auto buyers journey to be an effective one for your business. It increases the number of new and preowned vehicles sold, increases service package sales and strengthens customer relations for future sales.