The Benefits of Having a TruCash Card


So you have a TruCash card, the all-in-one loyalty card that rewards you every time you shop. But you ask yourself, “what are the benefits?” Well, the answer is, LOTS!


The Advantages of Debit and Credit Cards, With NONE of The Disadvantages

See that Mastercard® or Visa® logo on your TruCash card? That’s right, that means it can be used anywhere either of these brands are accepted, which means you can make purchases in stores, online, and just about anywhere else in the world!. Need to pay your bills online? You can even do that too. The big advantage over credit cards is that there is no actual credit/debt required for any of these purchases. Just like debit cards, you can use your TruCash card to make purchases or withdraw money from an ATM, and you are only spending your own money. The advantage is that you are able to shop at places that don’t accept debit cards. It’s win-win!


Earn Points At 100s Of Stores & Then Convert To Cash To Spend On Anything You Want

The multi-function TruCash card can be used to shop and earn points at hundreds of online stores. All of the rewards you earn are handled on one easy-to-use site and the points you earn can be converted to cash directly on your card. The best part is that members can pay using their TruCash card or with another form of payment and still earn points for their loyalty. No hidden fees, no tricks. Just cash.


Special Offers & Opportunities

Unlike other rewards programs, with TruCash you will receive meaningful recognition for your loyal patronage. Receive preferred discounts, specials, and exclusive offers for top brands around the world when you shop. We know what you like, and we’ll make sure you have a chance to get it.


A Rewards Program That Keeps With The Times

Forget about old, outdated rewards programs that fill your wallet with easy-to-lose coupons or archaic cards with impossible-to-earn points. With TruCash, you can access your account and points balance electronically, receive information updates via email, and contact our expert customer support team anytime you want, 24/7.


TruCash = Trustworthy

There’s a reason that open-loop prepaid cards are the fast-growing form of electronic payment; it’s safe and secure. All data is encrypted, and, just like with your credit cards, we offer zero-liability protection against fraud, theft, or other financial crimes. We will also never give your details out to a third-party company. We care about you and we want to make you feel safe.


If you have any more questions about your card, please contact us today.


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