What Benefits Does A Loyalty Program Have For Your Customers?

loyalty program

In part #1 of our Loyalty Series, we talked about the benefits of a loyalty program for your business. From increased profits and data analysis to new marketing strategies and company differentiation, the advantages are clear cut. However, while your business will obviously improve, what about the lives of your customers? After all, if the consumer isn’t happy with the loyalty program, your business won’t be either.


So what is a customer looking for in a loyalty program?


Rewards They Actually Want:

A loyalty program actually needs to reward loyal customers, not just pretend to do so. There are few bigger turn-offs to a customer than a lackluster loyalty rewards program. With TruCash Rewards, members earn real cash for their purchases. Not discounts, not “buy 1, get another less wanted product for free”, but actual money in their account. And they can use it virtually anywhere in the world. It’s a loyalty card that pays you to use it!


Simple, Streamlined, and Seamless:

Pretty self-explanatory. Customers don’t want to spend any more time dealing with a loyalty program than absolutely necessary. They want the reward, and they want to be able to use it. With TruCash Rewards, members simply shop for their favourite brands to earn points that convert to cash, directly in their TruCash account. It’s that easy!


Can Be Used At More Than Just One Merchant:

Many loyalty programs limit where rewards can be used. TruCash allows members to earn points at hundreds of top name brand merchants using a wide coalition of national, regional, and local retailers across North America and Europe. The rewards that are earned can be used at millions of merchants worldwide that accept Visa or Mastercard.


Instant Access to Rewards:

The time for waiting for a coupon or cheque to arrive in the mail is over. When you shop, you earn points in your TruCash account.  Whenever you decide to convert those points to cash, the money is available and ready to spend.


Excellent Customer Service:

If there is a problem with their loyalty program–or with any key aspect of the company in general–customers will be turned off. 42% of customers listed “not providing live/real-time customer service support” as a reason for breaking up with a brand. TruCash offers 24/7 customer support via phone and email, and also features a dedicated team of industry professionals to handle any problems. We are also available on social media!



Fifty-six percent of customers said that receiving a personalized incentive would make them feel good and improve their opinion of the brand. A customized TruCash program allows them to show off something with their name on it, and reminds them that your company cares about them and their business.


Trust & Respect:

81% of U.S. consumers feel loyal to brands that are there when they need them, but otherwise respect their time and leave them alone. With TruCash we won’t barrage you with unnecessary offers. TruCash has won multiple awards for its loyalty and incentive programs, and knows how to treat a customer right.



TruCash offers zero liability protection against fraud, theft, and other financial crimes. If you lose your card, your card balance stays the same. There’s no need to worry, your money is safe and protected.


A Modern Loyalty Program:

It’s 2018; shouldn’t your loyalty program be ready for use in the modern world? A loyalty program needs to work with technology, it must have an online service, and it must be useful for online purchases. TruCash programs do all of this and more.


Have questions or looking to learn more about the TruCash loyalty program? Feel free to contact us by visiting our contact page.

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