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May 17

2017 Pay Awards Winner: Best Incentive Program.

The company was recognized in the “Best Incentive Program” category.
May 13

2017 Pay Awards Winner: Best Benefits Delivery.

The company was recognized in the “Best Benefits Delivery” category.
January 16

Holiday Network Ushers In New Era

“The TruCash program is a game-changer for the Holiday Network, as they can now offer monetary rewards to any number of tour attendees, timeshare guests, owners or timeshare staff, all managed via our proprietary real-time loading system.”
August 6

DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash, Introduces New Logo and Branding

DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash, Introduces New Brand Logo and Website.
May 16

2015 Paybefore Awards Winner: “truTap™” Wins Gotta-Have Mobile App

2015 Paybefore Awards: Gotta-Have Mobile App. The most exciting in-market mobile app.
May 8

2015 Paybefore Awards Winner: Breakout Company of the Year

2015 Paybefore Awards: Breakout Company of the Year. The organization that stood out from the crowd in 2014 to make a positive, game-changing difference.
February 23

DCR Launches First Nation Band Program

DCR Strategies Inc., announced a new product for participating bands across Canada that will streamline payment distribution, using direct deposit capabilities, and provide band members with more convenient and affordable access to funds.
November 18

DCR/TruCash Launches Mobile Financial Services

DCR shall be converting current mobile account users plus offering the new MFS platform with features such as the mobile wallet, air-time recharge and bill payments to TruCash account holders.
May 26

2014 Paybefore Awards Winner: DCR Wins Top Motivator

DCR Awarded Top Motivator. Customers receive incentives, based on the type of product purchased, enabling them to simply spend their rewards like cash.
April 8

DCR Strategies Inc., TruCash Launches “truTap™” Multi-Use Mobile Wallet

New DCR-TruCash application sets the bar for mobile payments loyalty. DCR Strategies Inc. introduces the TruCash Mobile Wallet, available for iOS and Android in Europe, Canada, USA and Latin America.
March 5

DCR Strategies and NextView Technologies Partner on “Next Generation” Rewards

Together, DCR and NVT will bring consumers innovative rewards solutions, including digital receipt validation, tear codes and on-package codes that customers can redeem instantly, anywhere in the world.
May 16

2013 Paybefore Awards Winner: Best Incentive, Reward, Rebate or Loyalty Program

2013 Paybefore Awards Winner: Named winner in the Best Incentive, Reward, Rebate or Loyalty Program category, for the Elite Reward Program
May 9

2013 Paybefore Awards Winner: Named Outstanding Newcomer

2013 Paybefore Awards: Outstanding Newcomer Award
April 4

TruCash® Launches Debit Card Across Ireland

DCR Strategies launches debit cards for 3 million credit union members across Ireland.
March 6

TruCash Launches Energy Incentive Program

DCR Strategies launched a new Energy Incentive program all across Canada.
August 17

Launched The TruCash Balance Checker Mobile App

DCR Strategies launched the new TruCash® balance checker app for checking balances on the go, instantly
July 16

Launched Reloadable Programs For One of The Largest Telecommunications Companies in Canada

DCR Strategies developed and launched a Reloadable Incentive Programs for one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada.
April 21

2012 Paybefore Awards: Best Packaging Design

2012 Paybefore Awards: Best  Packaging Design. Paybefore judges voted DCR as the 2012 Paybefore Awards winner in the Best Packaging Design category.
August 16

Launches Largest Virtual Promotion of Its Kind Across The U.S.A

Launched 120 million package incentive program. This promotion was visible on product packages  across the USA.
May 20

2011 Paybefore Awards Winner: Best Government-Funded Program

2011 Pay before Awards: Best Government-Funded Program. DCR | TruCash empowers Canada’s First Nations with financial freedom; program wins at 2011 Paybefore Awards
May 10

2010 Paybefore Awards Winner: Named Best Design

2010 Paybefore Awards: Best Design. Season Ticket Holder Rewards Program has been chosen as a Paybefore Awards Outstanding New Entrant in 2010.
May 10

2010 Paybefore Awards: Named Best B2C Program

2010 Paybefore Awards: Best B2C Program. DCR Strategies was awarded Best Business to Consumer Program
April 12

TruCash Launches Travel Agents Incentive Program

DCR creates an immensely successful Loyalty Program to reward travel agents for flight bookings.
December 19

Launched NHL Loyalty Program

NHL Season Ticket Holder Loyalty Program was launched in December of 2009 and recognized as one of Discover Network’s most successful programs to date.
November 19

Launched “In-Pack” Promotion Across the USA

TruCash launched the largest single issue promotion in over 40 million cereal and snack packages across the USA to raise their client’s market share.
October 16

2009 Paybefore Awards Winner: “IMAGINE” Named Best B2B Corporate Funded Program

Paybefore chose the TruCash “IMAGINE” Travel Agent Loyalty Program as a winner in the 2009 Pay Awards for Best B2B Corporate Funded program.
September 9

Issued the First Debit Card Product In Ireland For Credit Unions

DCR Strategies launched the first “real time” debit card in Ireland.
July 21

Launched Door-To-Door Consumer Incentive Program In Canada

DCR Strategies launched The Door-to-Door Consumer Incentive Prepaid Program in Canada in partnership with one of the largest energy companies in Canada.
June 28

Canada’s First Nations Receive TruCash®Benefits

This new TruCash program provides a gateway for members of the First Nations of Canada to be able to cash government cheques without the need for a traditional bank account.
April 4

Launched the Travel Agent Loyalty Program “IMAGINE”

DCR Strategies launched “IMAGINE”, the first integrated Travel Agent “points-to-cash” Loyalty program in Canada with one of the largest tour operating airlines in Canada.
April 5

2008 Paybefore Awards: Westgate Resorts Named Best Consumer Promotion Program

DCR Strategies, developed a multifaceted program to capture lost leads and maintain contact with property tour attendees, prospective customers, guests, reward owners and staff, using a single platform.

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