6 Reasons Why TruCash Is The Right Rewards Program For Your Customers

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Choosing the right rewards program to offer your consumers can be a tough decision… at least it used to be. TruCash, the loyalty program that rewards you every time you shop, is a multi-function loyalty program that stands out from other coalition loyalty cards or rewards programs due to its versatility, ease-of-use, and ability to offer your customers something few other programs truly can: exactly what they want.


Here are 6 reasons why TruCash is the right rewards program for your customers.


  1. Choice Matters

When it comes to rewards, people want choice. When your customers receive the TruCash card, they have that choice, and they can decide which product(s) they want to reward themselves with. They can also choose how they earn points. This freedom will be noticed and appreciated by your customers. With the TruCash card, they won’t be hamstrung by a limited amount of options–they can use the card to make purchases virtually anywhere in the world, including online. Respect your customers’ individuality and let them choose a reward for their loyalty, something that is most relevant to them. TruCash offers several new ways for member to earn and spend rewards, from daily discounts and monthly points offers to flexible redemption opportunities—all just for shopping.


  1. Customization

The TruCash card can be personalized to bear the cardholder’s name, plus the logo of your business, so they will always carry around a reminder of your company’s appreciation and generosity. It’s also a great way to get additional exposure for your brand!


  1. Trophy Value

Rewards card purchases are more memorable–and thus create a more lasting reminder of your business–than just giving away cash. Research firm Wirthlin Worldwide asked over 1,000 people how they spent their last cash reward, cash incentive, or cash bonus, and at least 58 percent said they used the cash for something intangible and unmemorable – they used it for bills or savings, and some couldn’t even remember what they did with it! With the TruCash rewards card, you can use the points you earn to make purchases at any merchant that accepts Visa or Mastercard branded cards worldwide. It’s more than just cash, it’s an experience.


“It’s about experience; people are motivated by experiences,” says Rodger D. Stotz, chief research officer of the Incentive Research Foundation. “When you talk to incentive recipients, they talk about the merchandise, but also the experience of using it — wearing the necklace, watching the TV. [They want] an experience.”


The TruCash card offers the power of choice, like cash, but it also has the trophy value of non-cash awards. We’ll touch more on trophy value in our next upcoming post.


  1. TruCash Is Viral

It can sometimes be impolite to talk about money or cash rewards. People don’t often want to brag about the money they make–from a job or otherwise–but they DO want to tell their friends and family about a shopping spree, a new iWatch, or a vacation. If your customer earned enough rewards points on their TruCash card to buy a computer or television, they are going to tell people about it!


With TruCash, your customers can purchase almost anything they want, and with that comes visibility. Many people can live vicariously through another person’s rewards purchases, however, people aren’t interested in hearing about how someone used a cash reward to pay down an overdue phone bill or a student loan. It’s boring. A rewards program that works has word-of-mouth appeal. By providing an incentives program that offers nearly limitless choice, you will have boundless opportunities for your customers to purchase something they want, which makes the value of the reward actually higher than its cash value.


  1. Guilt = Gone

With a purely cash reward, some customers may feel guilty about spending it on material purchases, especially when there are bills to pay. With the TruCash card, you earn points that can be converted into purchases.


  1. TruCash Will Create Positive Feelings Towards Your Brand

With the TruCash card, recipients have a wide range of options to redeem their points, so they are far more likely to select a reward that resonates with them than they would have with other, more limited reward types. They can store points on the card until they’ve found exactly the right reward. No one is going to remember a small discount or unwanted item, but they won’t forget the time they took their family on a shopping spree with their TruCash card.


Looking to start or upgrade your loyalty program? Whether you’re ready to go, have questions, or are just looking for more information, we can help. Contact our award-winning team to see how you can implement the TruCash Rewards program today.

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